Laminated Windshields

Rifai Glass laminated windshields are used in practically all automobiles in the world. So critical to passenger safety, that most countries have made the usage of laminated windshield mandatory by law.

The manufacturing process starts with profile cutting followed by grinding, washing and silk printing. Two pieces are paired together and loaded into the furnace to give them the required shape and curvature. The pair is separated and cleaned before assembly of the PVB interlayer. This assembly is pre-passed in vacuum under controlled temperature (deairing process) before the glass goes into the autoclave for final adhesion. The glass is then exposed to extensive tests and finally approved for usage.


  • It is highly resistant to penetration, thus it ensure safety.
  • It localizes breakage at the point of impact, thus not hampering visibility.
  • In case of breakage, the broken pieces continue to stick up to the PVB interlayer, eliminating the danger of glass sharpnels.
  • In case of head impact accident, the injury is minimized due to the windshield flexibility.

The windsheilds from Rifai Glass have the European and American standard numbers:
ECE approval #E17-43R-00168/169/170 or ASI approval #D0T578-M250/251

laminated windshields