Flat Tempered Glass

By using the world’s most sophisticated technology, Rifai Glass has adopted three flat tempering furnaces. We’re able now to temper hard, soft coated, clear float and tinted glass. The tempered glass is nearly five times stronger than the annealed and meets glass impact resistance standards worldwide. The risk of personal injury is minimized; thanks to the increased strength and safety of the tempered glass. Moreover, when it does break, it fractures into small harmless pieces.

Technical Data

Thickness Range: (4 – 19) mm
Maximum glass size: 3.21m * 6.1m
Glass types: Different kinds of clear, tinted, hard and soft coated glass.


1. Double glazed units
2. Shower cabins
3. Table tops
4. Partitions
5. Shelves
6. Shop windows

laminated windshields