Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of a tough protective interlayer made of polyvinyl butyl (PVB) bonded together between two sheets of glass under heat and pressure. Annealed, heat strengthened or tempered glass can be used to produce laminated glass. In case of breakage, the interlayer holds the fragments together and continues to provide resistance. In addition, laminated glass offers increased protection from the effects of disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and bomb blasts.

It is also used to keep away unwanted noise coming from airplanes, heavy machinery and traffic. Airports, museums, sound studios, and schools generally use laminated glass. Another advantage of using laminated glass is that it will reflect out the UV rays which can damage the furniture or merchandise inside the building.

Technical Data

1. Flat Laminated

Maximum Size: 3.21m * 6.1m
Maximum Thickness: 90mm

2. Curved Tempered Laminated

Maximum Size: 5m * 3.21m
Maximum Thickness: 36mm

laminated windshields