Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet resistant glass is a multi-layered product, consisting of three or more sheets of glass bonded with interlayer. It offers greater resistance than any other glass product available. When a bullet strikes, glass layers in addition to (PVB), work to absorb the tremendous amount of energy needed to be dissipated. All bullet resistant glass is tested in accordance with various local and international standards. Rifai bullet resistant glass was tested by the Ministry of Interior and has successfully acquired its approval. Our glass now is applied in most of government and military constructions.


1. Cashier booths such as in petrol stations.
2. Military and cash-in-transit vehicles.
3. Jewellery shop fronts.
4. Banks.

Technical Data

Maximum Glass Size : 3.21 m * 6.1m
Maximum Glass Thickness : 90mm

laminated windshields