Curved Glass

Rifai Glass uses sophisticated furnaces to produce bent glass which radiates beauty, comfort, and elegance. We offer three types of curved glass:

Single Annealed Curved

In this technique, the glass is slowly heated up to 450 °c (depending on glass size and thickness) until it softens and embraces the shape of the steel mould. Then it is gradually cooled to avoid any internal stress. The mould; however, plays an essential role in bent glass manufacturing process, as it determines the quality. With this technique, single and multiple radius glass can be curved.

Technical Data

Glass Thickness: (4-19)mm
Maximum Size: 3.6m * 2.23m

Curved Tempered Glass

Rifai Glass uses the horizontal roller hearth (mould less) furnace for curving and tempering purposes. Tempered glass is made by heating flat glass to approach its softening temperature. Then, its moved to the bending section where special rollers allow the glass to take the required curvature shape. Finally, it is chilled with jets of cold air which distributes compression stress on its surface while tensile stress in the middle. This counteraction of compression and tensile stress enables the tempered glass to acquire a higher strength.

Technical Data

Maximum Size: 3.21m * 5m
Glass Range: (4-19)mm
Minimum Radius: 1.2m

curved laminated glass

Curved Laminated Glass

Curved laminated glass is manufactured by combining two or more layers of single annealed or tempered glass bonded by (PVB) up to 36 mm thickness.

Technical Data

Maximum Thickness: 30mm
Maximum Size: 3.6m * 2.23m (in case of annealed)
                            3.21m * 5.1m (in case of tempered)

laminated windshields